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Hydria Water delivers quality products for waste watertreatment manufactured by our subsidiaries VA Teknik Sweden and Mellegård & Naij. With Swedish innovation and quality, energy efficient products and sustainable solutions, we strive to be the preferred choice and provide the wastewater treatment of tomorrow.

All the hard work that we put in today contributes to our vision, a cleaner world.

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Sustainable, world-class production at Hydria Water’s new facility In Viared, just outside Borås, Sweden, work on the development and implementation of a new, flow-optimised production line is progressing […]
Sjöstadsverket in Karlstad updated to handle higher loads Sjöstadsverket treats the wastewater of households and industrial facilities in central Karlstad, Sweden, as well as water from the communities […]
School students undertake work experience at Hydria Water Linn Broberg and Elliott Eckerström elected to continue their high-school studies with a fourth, technical year at Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet (‘Sven […]