Hydria Water purifies snow removed from the streets of Oslo

Due to stricter environmental requirements, Oslo no longer has the option to simply dump the snow removed from the city’s streets in the fjord, as has been done in the past. The Terje snow-melting system is a climate-smart pilot project that NCC has developed on a commission by the City of Oslo, and purifies snow using Hydria Water’s screens.

Terje weighs 500 tonnes, is 50 metres long and 26.5 metres wide, and operates at a depth of 3.5 metres below the surface of the quay near the Akershus Fortress in Oslo, where it is docked from mid-December to March. During the high season, snow is dumped into Terje’s intake grills on the deck of the barge by up to 20 fully loaded lorries per hour, then purified in several steps. Sea water is used to melt the snow. Up to 1000 cubic metres of water is collected from a depth of 24 metres, where the water temperature is typically between 4 and 10°C in the winter. At a sea water temperature of 9°C, it is possible to melt roughly 1000 cubic metres of snow per hour; if it drops to 4°C, the rate of melting is approximately 500 cubic metres per hour.

The efficiency of the purification process is 70% on average, and over 90% of the heavy metals in the snow are removed. The first step is a sedimentation process, in which stones and gravel are screened out when the snow is mixed with sea water and run through Hydria Water’s screens. The water is then transported through purification channels equipped with micro filters and lamella clarifiers. Over a tonne of oil per season is also screened out before the purified water is eventually released back into the fjord.


Foto: Odd Richard Valmot/NCC

Improved sludge removal using plastic chain scrapers at Tekniska Verken

The tanks are 40 meters long and 5 meters wide.

Tekniska Verken’s Nykvarnsverket wastewater treatment plant in Linköping was built in 1952, and since then has been rebuilt and expanded in various phases. In 2017 a new purification step that removes drug residues from wastewater using ozone was introduced, and Nykvarnsverket thus became Sweden’s largest full-scale facility for the removal of drug residues from wastewater.

Yet another upgrade of the facility is currently ongoing, and involves replacing the plant’s with new plastic chain & flight scrapers made by VA Teknik Sweden.

– Sludge removal will be more efficient and the machines will require significantly less maintenance, Hansi Gerhardsson at Hydria Water says.

– We have just delivered and installed the first four of a total of thirteen chain & flight scrapers using our own installation technicians.

The remaining nine chain & flight scrapers will be delivered over the course of the next year, and the total order value amounts to roughly four million SEK.


New Factory in Skövde

Mellegård & Naij produces premium products to water and waste water treatment plants all around the world. The manufacturing located in Skövde has decades of experience of manufacturing market leading equipment.

The demand has gradually increased, by the support from Hydria Water we are proud to announce that Hydria Group has reserved 17 000 m2 land in the newly developed industrial area of Norra Ryd in Skövde. The plan is to build a new factory for screens and screenings handling equipment of approximately 3000m2 which is more than double the size of today.

– It’s a fantastic feeling to get the trust to build a new facility with better working environment and more space. A top modern production facility provides us with opportunities to fully explore and develop the potential and know-how of Mellegård & Naij to become world leading manufacturer, says Martin Jingnäs CEO at Hydria Water. The aim is to have the new facility available in 2020 to further secure and even increase the number of employees in Skövde.

Growing demand for water treatment in UAE.

DUBAI, UAE - NOVEMBER 7: Dubai Marina. UAE. November 7, 2013. Dubai was the fastest developing city in the world between 2002 and 2008.

DUBAI, UAE – NOVEMBER 7: Dubai Marina. UAE. November 7, 2013. Dubai was the fastest developing city in the world between 2002 and 2008.

The annual demand for water increases in UAE and is currently estimated to 4,2 million kubicmeters. With increased population comes higher demands for water and waste water treatment. Currently there are several projects in execution phase, Hydria Water in close cooperation with Enexio Water Technologies Gmbh has supplied a vast number of Non metallic Chain & Flight scrapers and scum skimmers for primary clarifiers at Sharjah WWTP to enhance the performance and the growing demand.

Newly developed machinery to Mexico


Hydria Water has recently delivered several products from the portfolio to a returning client in Mexico. Previously there was plastic chain & flight scrapers with scum pipes and a stepscreen of Cross Screen XS type for the inlet screening. The latest order included a Disc Press QS from our Mellegard & Naij portfolio, the machine is a recently developed machine for sludge dewatering. The Disc Press QS is a machine based on the screw press principle whereas the sludge is transported inside stainless rings which inert is with a screw transporting the sludge through the set of inclined rings and pressed against a counter pressure plate to achieve as dry sludge as possible. The reject water is drained through the slots between the rings and taken for further treatment..

Hydria Water to upgrade the Al Aweer WWTP in Dubai


The Al Aweer WWTP is located some 30 km from Dubai and is currently under review and refurbishment plans to increase its capacity to 65 000 metercubes per day. Among others there is an upgrade made of the trickling filter media from the old rockfills to modern plastic media fills and

state of the art rotating distributor arms from VA Teknik Swedens product line. Recently representatives from VA Teknik Sweden visited the plant for commissioning advise and training.

New local agent in Singapore

Hydria Water announced today at the final day of Singapore International Water Week that WaterMark Technology Pte Ltd has been appointed as their local agent for the Singapore market.
-We are very pleased with the effort WaterMark is putting into promoting our portfolio. I’m convinced we will have plenty of business with Public Utility Board PUB in Singapore. We already have a track record which is essential for this demanding market, says Marko Kunerus, Sales & Business Development Manager at Hydria Water.
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Singapore International Water Week


On July 9-12, Hydria Water is participating in the Singapore International Water Week. The exhibition is held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, and you can meet Hydria Water in the European Pavilion.

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See you!


Thank you from IFAT!

Thank you all who came by the Hydria Water booth at IFAT in Munich last week.
–  It was an amazing exhibition with lot’s of visitors coming by with a lot of new ideas where we could assist with solutions. Our partners were present bringing their clients to meet with us and all together we got so many new interesting cases says Marko Kunerus.
The setup with two stories stand was perfect for the show where Hydria Water and Enexio got the opportunity to show the strength of cooperation and close partnership in a joint stand.
Product news in terms of the newly developed Disc Press QS which is a form of screw press for sludge dewatering caught attention.
Biggest eye catcher with shared technologies was the rotating distributor which displayed the advantages of functional surfaces and the best water distributor on the market.